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The Advocate, August, 1994

If you own a mutual fund, why did you decide to invest in one? Did the low interest environment motivate you to abandon the traditional GIC cycle?

Has someone took the time to sit down with you to tell you the mutual fund story? Hopefully you have had someone properly explain the many benefits of mutual fund investing.

But, when the going gets tough (a reversal of fortune) are you prepared to ride out the downturns, when it seems everyone (spurred on by the media) is saying to sell! Isn't it at those times when you need some reassurance that you made the right decision, perhaps years before. Can you really remember all those benefits you thought you once knew?

Well, now you can be sure and reassured that you did make a wise decision years earlier. Most people only "hear" about investments.

In fact, all kinds of people will go out and risk hundreds and maybe thousands because, "they heard from Uncle Joe, who heard about somebody who knows somebody who found a piece of metal (or gold) lying on the ground near a campsite up north." We "hear" about mortgages, hear and read about GICs, rates of return, the slide of the Canadian dollar, mutual funds, etc.

But now the electronic age is upon us. We have computers, TVs and VCRs. Most of us use VCRs to see movies only. However, VCRs are one of the most powerful learning and teaching tools we have at our disposal. We can both hear and see any topic we desire at our leisure and convenience in the comfort of our homes. We can stop it and review anything we didn't understand the first time. When we stop it, back it up, or pause it, we can take the time to discuss it and really think about what we "saw" and heard. This allows us the time we need for it to sink in.

We also have a constant reminder of the thing we felt once were important and sure of. If you have a financial consultant, you can ask them intelligent, well thought out questions that will naturally arise from the new material you are learning.

We at Regal have a video tape that shows you how to pay for your home with less dollars, why we hope the market goes down, should older people own investment funds, those "secret" income plans and how they work, plus many other topics.

Our chairman, Paul Rockel, who founded our company in 1968, has put together an extensive 1 1/2 hour video that covers more advanced concepts of financial planning. For most people, an introductory tape on the solid fundamentals of mutual fund investing is now available for $10 from The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, 80 Bond St., Toronto, Ont. M5B 1X8. They are the educational arm of the mutual fund industry.

The Mutual Funds Report video is a clear, very informative introduction to mutual funds. I have just played it and found it to be excellent. I would highly recommend it to everyone interested in investing in mutual funds. It lets you see for yourself at your convenience their many benefits without any pressure from a salesman wanting to sell you something. I have ordered some copies and have a limited supply. Contact me for a copy, gratis.

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