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The Advocate, Wednesday May 1, 1996

I have been up and running since April 10. A whole new universe has opened up to me with a few clicks of a mouse. It is called Cyberspace. For example: the week ending Friday, April 19 saw the Regent Korea Fund up 6.91%. Sunday April 21 I logged onto the Korean Herald and clicked on the business section. An article appeared describing the week's events. It gave a thorough description of what was happening in the Korean stock market. I clicked print, and a crisp, clean ink jet copy appeared from my printer. I then went to my client database and printed out labels for all my clients who own the Regent Korea Fund. Monday morning I went to the printer to get copies of the article. By lunch I had the information in the mail. My clients should receive it the next day, I hope. Now I call that, communication! No longer am I restricted in getting vital information I need to help me make intelligent, informed decisions for me and my clients. (It's amazing to me how I can get information from Korea in a matter of seconds and it may take the post office several days to deliver it.)

The 21st century and the information age have arrived at the Borrow household. Please refer to my article "Are you prepared for the 21st century" or contact me for a copy. In it I mentioned that we are entering the information age, but felt it would take a few more years before it becomes user friendly. I was wrong!

With Internet programs like "Netscape" and "Yahoo" NOW is the time. Anyone with a little money and a desire to learn can be up and running in a few days. The information age is starting to blossom, just like flowers do in Spring. Are we going to get one this year? I also mentioned that, "Those who harness the power of information will also harness the power of wealth." It is absolutely awesome what it can do.

To digress briefly, I also logged onto the PGA Webpage and purchased tickets for the U.S. Open at Oakland Hills (Michigan) Country Club, June 16. I also printed out all the articles about Greg Norman's collapse at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. One of the articles was entitled, "Great White Shock." I though it was rather amusing, although I'm sure Greg Norman doesn't.

Back to the main theme of this article. The above just illustrates that fact that anything you want to know about is instantly available to you with just a few clicks of the mouse. One more example. A client of mine called me up to invest some money wanting to know when he could come over. I was on the internet and said he could come over now. He sat down in my office and I briefly explained about the internet and how I just got connected. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to know about. I emphasized ... ANYTHING! I suppose the question was so overwhelming, that he just sat there for a moment and said he couldn't think of anything. Just then he said, "No, I just thought of something I would like to know about." He said,"Can you get me some information about Ford Europe?" (He has worked for Ford for over 30 years) Click, click, click, click. I said, "Here it is." I started reading several things right off the screen. He said, "Wow! I didn't know a lot of that." I printed out a copy of the article and gave it to him. He walked out of my office smiling, empowered with information he said his boss doesn't even know about.

Now you can begin to understand a little about the power of information. As I wrote in my December 1995 article, "Identifying early the shifting cycles and trends that occur in the financial world and positioning yourself before they happen will be of paramount importance in acquiring wealth in the future. The trend is your friend only if you have the correct information and position yourself accordingly."

By the way, my new Internet E-mail address is; All lower case. Don't forget the ... dots. If for some reason you can't reach me there my FAX # is (519) 855-6368. Hope to be hearing from you soon, ELECTRONICALLY.

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