Country Routes - May, 1998

As many of you know I have been up and running since April 10, 1996. There is a whole new universe of information that has opened up to me with a few clicks of a mouse. It is called Cyberspace. For example: I log onto the market results in Asia and related info tonight and find tomorrow's results. I then go to my client database and printed out labels for all my clients who this information may affect. If I send it via overnight courier they would get it the next day or the same day. I now have a number of my clients with email addresses which allows me to send it to them immediately. No delay. Now I call that, communication when I can keep my clients informed of vital events a day ahead of time! No longer am I restricted in getting vital information I need to help make intelligent, informed decisions for me and my clients.

The 21st century and the information age have arrived at the Borrow household. Please refer to my article "Are you prepared for the 21st century". In it I mentioned that we are entering the information age. I mentioned that, "Those who harness the power of information will also harness the power of wealth." The trend is your friend only if you have the correct information and position yourself accordingly.

Here's one more example of what I mean. A client of mine called me up to invest some money wanting to know when he could come over. I was on the internet and said he could come over now. He sat down in my office and I briefly explained about the internet. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to know about. I emphasized ... ANYTHING! I suppose the question was so overwhelming, that he just sat there for a moment and said he couldn't think of anything. Just then he said, "Yes, I just thought of something I would like to know about." He said,"Can you get me some information about Ford Europe?" (He has worked for Ford for over 30 years) Click, click, click, click. I said, "Here it is." I started reading several things right off the screen. He said, "Wow! I didn't know a lot of that." I printed out a copy of the article and gave it to him. He walked out of my office smiling, empowered with information he said his boss doesn't even know about. Just think what he could do with that. By having the right information, you can protect yourself from being hit from behind.

Now you can begin to understand a little about the power of information. As I wrote in my December 1995 article, "Identifying early the shifting cycles and trends that occur in the financial world and positioning yourself before they happen will be of paramount importance in acquiring wealth in the future. The trend is your friend only if you have the correct information and position yourself accordingly."

I can't believe it's been almost three years since I've been ON-LINE! So much has happened. I have been on some financial discussion groups. This has kept me in touch with many people of like minds that bring to the table invaluable information that on my own I would most likely be unaware of. It helps me immeasurably to make those critical decisions I have to make almost on a daily basis. It sets up a brain trust that helps us to discuss issues & bring them to a final conclusive consensus very quickly. This is very efficient, since no one is constrained by time or space. No more deadlines, schedules or meetings. I wonder how some stay informed without this info.

I suppose the most surprising & "Wow" event that has happened is that I have my own Website ON-LINE. It has proved to be a valuable resource that my clients and people in this area can use. All my articles that I have written for the Advocate & Country Routes since January 1993 are available plus my Client Newsletters since January 92. As I mentioned in my article, "R U Prepared For The 21st Century?" Dec 95, the information age has blossomed. By supplying a resource that quickly and efficiently handles information, wealth can not only be made but more importantly, PRESERVED. Being able to pass one's estate intact to the next generation will be a greater challenge as government hungrily looks at the potential revenue in this enormous lucrative tax market. See my June 1996 article, "Taxes: Ottawa's Next Windfall".

Oh, I almost forgot, My Website URL has recently been changed to . So log on and learn.

If you have any questions, please call Reg Borrow at (519)855-6639. He is an Independent Financial Consultant for Regal Capital Planners since 1983.