As of April 1, 2007, I have resigned from Dundee Private Investors to persue other interests.

I started my career as a representative with London Life in 1970 and moved on to Canada Life in 1974. I joined Regal Capital Planners in 1983. They joined the Cartier Group in early 2001. I worked for Dundee Private Investors after they bought Cartier Partners in December 31, 2003 until I resigned April 1, 2007

I was doing financial planning long before there was such a thing called financial planner. I remember explaining the benefits of an RRSP to many people who, in 1970, had never even heard of them, despite the fact they were first introduced way back in the 50's. Mutual Funds tend to be in the same boat today. Many people don't know much about them. My job is to explain the benefits of Mutual Funds. I personally own a number of Cash, Bond, Equity, Global, Foreign and Balanced funds invested with several professional money managers. The things I tell others to do, I do first. I try to walk the walk before I talk the talk.

Let me briefly explain what I do. Primarily I focus on what I like to call the engine of the financial plan (the investments, primarily mutual funds and life insurance; Insurance products provided via multiple insurance carriers). In the other areas, there is not much left anymore except RRSPs & Interest Expense.

I am like a quarterback when it comes to financial planning. I pull all the parts (players) together by using other professionals. I have contacts with some excellent estate & tax lawyers & accountants. This allows me time to keep my focus on the big picture without getting bogged down on too many details.